Wooden fences are great for backyards. They allow for privacy and shade, and even do a moderately good job of sequestering the lawn from road noise. In general, however, they are quite susceptible to weathering and wear and need replacing somewhat frequently.

Broken fences are in no one’s best interest; they are dangerous and allow for pets and children to escape and for unwanted visitors like rodents and snakes to enter the yard.

A few of the most common signs you may need a new fence are:

  1. Broken boards – Broken boards, or salts on a fence is an obvious sign a fence need replacing. Broken boards affect both the appearance and safety of the fence.
  2. The fence is leaning – By the time a fence begins to lean to one side or another, it is time to consider a complete fence replacement. Sometimes new fence posts will do, but a leaning fence means the wood has weakened, so more problems are most likely forthcoming.
  3. Yellow or gray stains – Often these are signs that the wood has begun to rot or mold. Abundant rain can cause fences to be a breeding ground for microorganisms that feed off of wood, and these will eventually weaken the wood substantially.
  4. Holes – Insects, microorganisms, and wildlife can all create holes in fences. The integrity of a fence is greatly compromised when holes start appearing in the wood.
  5. Splintering – Even if the fence is standing mostly upright, splintering can be a sign that the wood has weakened substantially. Fences that begin splintering often begin to split and fall apart soon after.

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